Recent Criticism of A-levels

Others, however, claim that the rise in grades is actually a drop in standards with students being given higher grades than they have actually earned. There is also a lot of claims that students are being ‘groomed’ for exams.

By this they mean that students are being taught how to sit exams, not the actual subjects. Another point of criticism is that the time that it takes for syllabus to change for a subject is lengthy which means that each year syllabus and thus exams are going to be very similar.

As previous years exam papers are freely given out as examples for practise many believe that students are being given an unfair advantage, as the questions are very likely to reoccur. Yet another reason given for the continued rise in grades in the UK is the selection choices of the students with more ‘soft’ subjects being taken resulting in higher numbers of passes and high grades.

It is clear that grading and study of A-levels has by no means reached a ‘perfect’ equilibrium and it is likely that more reforms coming will be both hailed and dismissed by critics and advocates alike.