AS-level Spanish

One of the two AS-level Spanish units concentrates on your ability to both read and listen to instructions/comments in Spanish and to then reply to them in spoken Spanish. Your ability to do this will be assessed at AS-level according to your ability to answer specific questions about a chosen Spanish topic and to then hold a brief, more open-ended, conversation about that topic. This assessment, done by your tutor, will take not less than 8 minutes and will be recorded for moderation purposes.

The other AS-level Spanish unit first develops and then tests your ability to read/comprehend written Spanish and to write in Spanish. As mentioned above, your studies to improve your abilities in reading and writing Spanish will focus on a chosen topic or area of study, which is recommended by the examining board. Typical topics on offer here include: youth culture, lifestyle or travel. This unit is assessed by examination in which you will again answer questions concerning your chosen topic of study.

A2-level Spanish

A2-level Spanish repeats the unit methodology as studied at AS-level but, obviously, requires a deeper and more rigorous level of study. You can continue to study the same topic as at AS-level or choose a new one such as living in a Spanish community. Here you will be expected to be able to show a better comprehension of what you read or hear in Spanish. Which in effect means that you have the confidence and ability to instigate and engage in writing and discussing, in Spanish, broader aspects related to an initial question put to you.

How well you can do this at the end of the A2-level course will again be examined by speaking and writing in Spanish examinations. Here the spoken assessment will require you to speak for about 12 minutes on your chosen topic, including an ad hoc discussion on it. The written examination also requires you to demonstrate a greater comprehension of what you read and be able to translate, and write creatively and formally in Spanish.

Studying for A-level Spanish Online

Studying for A-level Spanish online will be helpful to students, as they will be able to search for and hear audio clips of Spanish as spoken by those whose mother-tongue is Spanish. They will also be able to view Spanish TV channels online, in order to again hear indigenous Spanish being spoken and be better able to understand Spanish culture and current affairs.

What Advantages Will A-level Spanish Offer You?

Having the qualification A-level Spanish will be of great benefit for anyone seeking work in Spain, work as a Spanish translator or, indeed, anyone hoping to study Spanish or other European languages in higher education. Students of A-level Travel and Tourism might consider also taking this A-level. Needless to say, of course, if you simply enjoy visiting Spain, then having the ability and confidence to read, write and speak well in Spanish - can only enhance your enjoyment of being in Spain.