AS-level Psychology

To begin with, as few students will have any prior knowledge of the subject, in AS-level Psychology you will study an introduction to psychology and the techniques used in psychological investigations. This will lead you to understand how the individual develops psychologically, especially with regard to psychodynamics, behaviour and learning.

This will usually be achieved through case-studies or experiment and observation. In AS-level Psychology you will also learn about the terms social psychology and cognitive psychology – and how they impact on the individual. You may also go on to consider forensic psychology, clinical psychology and how psychological techniques can be applied to sport or education etc.

A2-level Psychology

A2-level Psychology extends the work begun at AS-level. You will have the opportunity to specialise in one or two aspects of psychology such as child psychology, sport psychology, health psychology or criminal psychology – in studying your options you will be expected to apply scientific methodology to the work you do. Your final aspect of study for A2-level Psychology will relate to clinical psychology and could, again, be based around case-study work or could give you the opportunity to design, apply and fully document a psychological test.

Studying for A-level PsychologyAccounting Online

There are several online distance learning colleges offering A-level Psychology online. When studying A-level Psychology online you will be provided with all of the learning materials required to successfully complete the course. However, you can also supplement those resources with other psychology related materials you can gather from elsewhere on the internet. Online A-level Psychology will compliment several other online A-levels like Biology and Health and Social Care.

What Advantages Will A-level Psychology Offer You?

If you have a desire to understand how the human mind develops and how that development can be influenced – then A-level Psychology will make an interesting and challenging A-level to study. It will not only increase your knowledge of psychology but will also introduce you to contemporary psychology topics, develop your ability to think critically and approach problems in a scientific way.

Apart from those considering a career or further study in psychology, health or care work - A-level Psychology will be a useful qualification for those interested in sciences, politics or even statistics. Indeed, working with statistics is an important skill for psychology students, so a good competency with numbers is recommended prior to commencing this course.