AS-level Physical Education

One of the two AS-level units will guide you through learning about the importance of maintaining a healthy and fit body through enjoying an active lifestyle. To begin with you will learn about physiology, how to acquire skills in sports/ exercises and about participating in sports/exercises. Part of your studies for unit one could include organising a sport/exercise activity for a particular group; this unit will then be assessed by formal examination.

The other AS-level Physical Education unit gives you the opportunity to develop and improve your personal skills as either a performer, coach or official in a choice of two sports or styles of exercise. In this unit you will also have to produce portfolio/course-work documenting your progress and commenting on your chosen sport(s) in a local and national context.

A2-level Physical Education

The formal theory unit at A2-level Physical Education will require you to again study the physiology of exercise, but it will also go on to examine sports psychology and the way physique/fitness and psychology interplay in sporting success. You will also be required here to study sports comparatively and in a historical sense. Alternatively you may be able to study sport in a cultural context comparing physical education, attitudes to sport/exercise and sporting achievements in the UK to other countries.

The final A2-level Physical Education unit is again concerned with your personal development and performance in sport/exercise. This is another opportunity to make further progress in your performance, coaching and officiating in sport(s) and /or exercises of your choice. The practical assessment of this unit can concentrate on any one those three aspects of sport/exercise. However, an important aspect of the assessment this time will be to critically self-assess your performance and draw up a plan that will chart how you propose to further improve your self beyond this course.

Studying for A-level Physical Education Online

Studying A-level Physical Education gives you opportunities to study and research the subject online. For example you could study A-level Physical Education online by researching the history of sports/exercises, establishing elite performance parameters or the rules for a particular sport etc.

What Advantages Will A-level Physical Education Offer You?

The purpose of A-level Physical Education is to give you the opportunity to improve your knowledge and personal skills in sports and exercises of your choice. In doing so you will also learn about how best to prepare your body and mind to maximise your performance as well as gaining insight into sports in a historical and comparative sense. A-level Physical Education is an excellent qualification for those interested in working professionally in sports or the leisure industry. Students of this AS-level might also consider studying A-level Leisure Studies.