AS-level Performing Arts

The first unit has you studying the basics of what it means to be in the performing arts industry. You will analyse and contrast two aspects of the performing arts, from a given list, that are of particular interest to you. In the second unit you will be given the opportunity to begin to develop a professional approach to either a creative performance or performance production.

This requires you to produce a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the skills you intend to develop, practising those skills and then preparing them for a live showing. The final AS-level Performing Arts unit requires students to perform in a group. The performance can be one of dance, drama or music, or it could even contain two or all three of those elements. In this unit students also have to document group meetings, rehearsal notes, set/lighting designs etc.

A2-level Performing Arts

The A2-level Performing Arts format is the same as the AS one, requiring two compulsory units to be studied that are assessed by portfolio and a performance, which is assessed as course-work. First you will study how to address the prospect of working professionally in the performing arts industry. This is ultimately designed to help you promote yourself, survive in a highly competitive market and the vital task of being able to manage yourself.

The second unit explores the idea of repertoire work to extend your understanding of professionalism within the performance industry. This unit requires students interested in the two areas of study - performance and production - to work collaboratively to produce and then perform two distinct pieces of work. The final A2-level Performing Arts unit is an opportunity to showcase all the knowledge and skills learned so far. It results in a showcase presented to an audience, in which the student can opt to concentrate on either the performance itself or the production of it.

Studying for A-level Performing Arts Online

When studying A-level Performing Arts online, students could research production reviews and video clips. Having access to the internet will be particularly helpful here when trying to access reviews/clips of foreign productions.

What Advantages Will A-level Performing Arts Offer You?

A-level Performing Arts is essentially a vocational A-level to prepare students for working professionally in the performing arts. In doing so it will not only give you practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the performing arts – but will give you help in gaining employment and enjoying a long career in the performing arts . Instead of studying performing arts, you could alternatively study A-level Performance Studies. However, that A-level is more concerned with the theory of performance than the production and vocational aspects of A-level Performing Arts.