AS-level Music

In AS-level Music you will most probably begin the course by studying a unit on the development of western music, this could mean investigating how a particular style of music developed, the idea of western tonal harmony or even studying an anthology of music. This unit will be assessed by examination.

The second unit will be assessed as a piece of coursework and will require you to compose a short piece of music, typically three minutes long, for instrument(s) or voice. You can use music technology in preparing the composition if you wish to. You will also have to document the processes by which you arrived at the final composition and provide CD style sleeve notes, that give a synopsis about your composition. The final assessment is a practical one based on your performance. The performance will typically be 5 minutes long and will be on a piece of music given to you by the assessment centre.

A2-level Music

At A2-level Music the study units follow the same format as for the AS-level. The formally studied unit at A2-level will build on the foundation developed at AS-level, in that the area of music being studied will remain the same, but the depth of study and degree of theory to be understood and appreciated will become more complex.

For example, learning the difference between an augmented sixth and a Neapolitan sixth. For the coursework unit on musical composition, at A-level students are required to produce a longer and more complex work than that at AS-level. The practical/performance unit also requires a longer and more complex performance, as you will have to perform unaccompanied for at least 10 minutes and may be required to critically discuss the performance or offer another performance that incorporates an aspect of music technology.

Studying for A-level Music Online

There is much to be gained from studying A-level Music online. For example, if you are interested in music technology you could research samples to use in compositions or performances. You could also research online a whole host of things like the lives of past musicians/composers or even the history of how musical instruments developed.

What Advantages Will A-level Music Offer You?

A-level Music will extend and develop your ability to communicate through the medium of music. It will do this by developing your musical skills and knowledge, in order to help you to become a more confident and accomplished composer and performer of music. Whilst studying A-level Music you will be encouraged to work creatively and will have the opportunity to both learn about and use/apply music technology for both composition work and perfomances. Indeed, one A-level examining board offers a specific syllabus titled A-level Music Technology. Having A-level Music is often of benefit for those seeking to study Music further.