AS-level Media Studies

AS-level Media Studies involves studying print, radio, TV/film/video and virtual aspects of the media we are exposed to. One of the AS-level units will study these issues formally and be assessed by an examination, in this unit you will study the terminology of the media and how audiences interpret media events.

The other AS-level Media Studies unit will allow you to apply the theories and knowledge you have gained to a practical activity, whereby you create and document a media exercise. Whilst it is possible to work in just one medium to satisfy the requirements of this practical unit, students are encouraged to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to it.

A2-level Media Studies

At A2-level Media Studies you are encouraged to become more critical in your perceptions of the media. In the first A2-level Media Studies unit you will look at representations in the media and consider the wider contexts in which they are seen. eg. Social, political, historical etc. This unit is particularly concerned with contemporary media issues and what the media of the future might look like. This first unit is assessed by formal examination.

The final A2-level unit is assessed as course-work based on a portfolio of evidence. You are again invited to produce a piece of practical work demonstrating how you can investigate a particular media theme/issue and then produce a solution to it. This could be by means of print, audio, video or virtual methods. For example to advertise a new item you could produce a video and/or a website/blog.

Studying for A-level Accounting Online

Being able to research, for both materials and evidence, in A-level Media Studies online is almost an essential requirement. With so much media being available online and the way that news now appears on the internet before print, audio or TV – not having online access could actually be a hindrance to your studies.

What Advantages Will A-level Accounting Offer You?

By studying A-level Media Studies you will come to better appreciate the role that the media plays in society. In gaining that appreciation you will also have the opportunity to work with the various media options and develop your practical media skills. Media Studies is essentially a creative environment and as such may be of particular interest to A-level students of the performing arts and, of course, ICT. There are no set qualifications for access to A-level Media Studies, but at least 5 good GCSEs or equivalent NQF level 2 qualifications are recommended. Literacy, numeracy and ICT skills being particularly relevant here.