AS-level Leisure Studies

To qualify for AS-level Leisure Studies you will study three units, two of which will be assessed as coursework according to portfolios of evidence you produce. The first unit will look at what it means and what is required to work in the leisure industry today. This will include what exactly is the leisure market and how is it influenced.

The second unit considers the importance of leisure as a 'people orientated' environment. For example liaising with the public and customer services, staff management … etc. The final AS-level Leisure Studies unit will be formally assessed by examination and will require you to study: budgeting, health and safety, marketing and the concept of quality in leisure activities.

A2-level Leisure Studies

In A2-level Leisure Studies one of the three units will require you to work in a team to plan and then action a leisure event. You will be assessed according to the portfolio of evidence you produce which will show your planning, financing, marketing, realisation and an evaluation of the chosen event. The second A2-level Leisure Studies unit will be assessed by a formal examination.

This will return to the important theme of 'working with people' in the leisure industry and is frequently based around how you would approach managing a leisure event/activity. As such this unit can often be studied concurrently with the previous one. The final A2-level unit is again assessed by portfolio and allows you to study an area of the leisure industry in more detail, such as the development of outdoor leisure activities or a current leisure issue.

Studying for A-level Leisure Studies Online

When gathering evidence for portfolio work in A-level Leisure Studies, being able to carry out research online will be a quick and effective way of finding what you need. Research activities into A-level Leisure Studies online could include things like the history behind leisure activities, venues for leisure activities and the greatest moments in a particular leisure activity.

What Advantages Will A-level Leisure Studies Offer You?

A-level Leisure Studies is an ideal qualification to gain for those seeking employment or further study options in the field of leisure and recreational activities. Although focussing on leisure studies in the UK you will also have the opportunity to learn about and investigate leisure activities in Europe and across the world. Although an ideal compliment to A-level PE, those studying subjects like citizenship or health and social care could also study this A-level.