AS-level Law

AS-level Law begins by introducing you to the basics of UK/English legislation - the law and the legal system. This is mainly concerned with the differences between criminal and civil courts, the powers that the police have, the judiciary and the available conviction punishments. The second unit focuses on the concept of liability. Both criminal liability, through breaking the law, and tort liability, through harm/damage done to a person or property are studied here. This unit also goes on to consider contract law in the context of liability and will look in more detail at other legislative processes such as European law. Assessment of both units is by formal examination at an approved centre.

A2-level Law

Both of the A2-level Law units look in more detail at criminal law, contract law and tort. Depending on which examining board you study A-level Law with – you may have the opportunity to specialise in any two of those three areas. So, allowing for the differences in the available A2-level Law syllabuses the following are available.

Criminal law in terms of offences against the person or property – essentially this covers non-fatal offences, manslaughter (voluntary and involuntary) and murder; it can also include the criminal law issues of theft, robbery, blackmail … etc. Contract law – covering writing contacts, their terms and conditions, misrepresentations in contracts and the discharge of contracts. The final option is on; tort and the concepts of law – negligence, nuisance, vicarious liability etc. Again both units are formally assessed at an approved centre.

Studying for A-level Law Online

By choosing to study A-level Law online you will be given access to a wide range of teaching and reference materials by the online distance learning college. However, you can also add to those materials by researching online Law libraries and court cases – to add to your knowledge of Law case-studies.

What Advantages Will A-level Law Offer You?

Anyone with an A-level in Law will certainly be at an advantage if they decide to then study Law further. However, it's not just those seeking a career as a solicitor or with aspirations to the bar that should consider studying A-level Law online. A-level Law will be helpful to those going on to study a variety of other subjects from history and sociology to sciences and economics, after all there effectively no areas of study into which the law does not impose itself. A-level Law will both introduce and develop in you an interest in the law and develop your abilities to analyse and solve problems that have a legal aspect to them.