AS-level Italian

Unit 1 of the AS-level Italian course concerns spoken expression and responses in Italian. It gives you the opportunity to improve and then demonstrate your ability to engage in discussions/conversations in Italian. In the assessment for this unit you will be required to discuss four specific questions about your chosen topic and then to engage with your tutor in a discussion that will test your ability to respond to ad hoc questions about that topic.

The second AS-level Italian unit is designed to improve your ability to work in and with written Italian. In the assessment for unit 2 you will have up to 2½ hours to write answers in Italian. The question format will vary from testing your ability to understand spoken Italian, your ability to understand written Italian and your ability to write formally in response to some points of information.

A2-level Italian

The two A2-level Italian units follow the same pattern as at AS-level. However, to reflect the more challenging nature of A2-level you will be expected to demonstrate how the Italian you have learned impacts on your ability to engage in Italian at ever increasing levels of diversity and comprehension. So, you will again study units concerning reading and writing and speaking and listening in Italian. The A2-level Italian a ssessment for the unit 3 requires you to speak for 11-13 minutes. This time, in the final section of the reading and writing exam, you will have to submit a research based essay of approximately 250 words related to an aspect of Italian life.

Studying for A-level Italian Online

When studying any foreign language, being able to visit that country to hear the language spoken by the national/ethical population is always advantageous. For those studying A-level Italian but unable to visit Italy, or an Italian speaking province, having access to studying Italian online will be of great help. For example, researching online A-level Italian topic matters to help when writing about them. Alternatively downloading native-spoken Italian audio clips to help with pronunciation or watching online Italian TV programs - to both hear the spoken word and gain insight to Italian culture.

What Advantages Will A-level Italian Offer You?

Studying A-level Italian will be of prime importance to those wishing to study either Italian or many other European languages at a higher level. However, it could be a very useful A-level to have for those intending to study a variety of subjects that will at least in part deal with Italian culture and history. For example, Archaeology, Classics and History. However, many people also enjoy visiting Italy to appreciate its history, culture and scenery. For those already with a suitable proficiency in Italian, going on to study A-level Italian will undoubtedly enhance their enjoyment and pleasure when next in Italy.