AS-level Graphic Products

There are two units of study for AS-level Graphic Products. The first one requires you to produce a portfolio of creative work to demonstrate your graphic skills. The portfolio has to have three distinct pieces of work showing flair and creativity that can be classed as either conceptual designs or to do with the built environment. The AS-level Graphic Products portfolio must include details of the materials to be used in the production of the designs and be cognizant of material and production costs etc. Students are, of course, expected to produce 2-D and 3-D models for their designs. In the second unit you will learn about the materials used and all the other aspects of manufacturing industries - and how product design interacts with the manufacturing process. This unit is formally assessed by examination.

A2-level Graphic Products

There are also two units for the A2-level Graphic Products course. One unit is assessed by examination and requires you to consider the issues necessary for designing in the future. This will include studying how IT systems and control technology impact on modern manufacturing now and what developments in the future might mean for graphic designing. Thus, this unit covers a host of manufacturing and design related technology, from the CAD systems you will previously have learned about to CAM, CNC, CMQ, robotics, AI, etc.

The second A2-level Graphic Products unit is again a portfolio exercise in which you will create a single design that can then be manufactured, along the theme of conceptual designs or the built environment. As at the AS-level, the portfolio must include full graphics and descriptions of the product designed and explanations regarding the materials used and the manufacturing processes. However, and of primary significance – it must have a real and commercial use.

Studying for A-level Graphic Products Online

A-level Graphic Products gives plenty of opportunities for online study and research. For example, you could research online the properties of materials you are considering for use in manufacturing your design(s), or you could study how designers in the past have approached their work and find online help for how to use CAD systems. Studying A-level Mathematics online would be a good combination to go with A-level Graphic Products.

What Advantages Will A-level Graphic Products Offer You?

Whilst A-level Graphic Products will teach you all about the very latest in Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) systems – it will also teach you about the relationship between the design process and the end products your designs are intended to produce. A-level Graphic Products should be considered as a suitable subject to study by anyone interested in graphic design or product design and manufacturing. Remember, A-level Graphic Products is actually an A-level in Design and Technology.