AS-level Geology

In AS-level Geology you will study three units, two of which will be by formal study and examination and the third will be a practical task assessed by your teaching centre. The first formal study unit investigates global plate tectonics. This unit begins with the origins of the Earth's structure, moving on to earthquakes, continental drift and geological structures. The second unit is a detailed study of rocks – igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

Here you will learn how they are formed, their properties and how to identify them – you will also begin to study fossils in this unit. The third AS-level Geology unit requires you to either engage in geological field studies organised by the study centre or to carry out a laboratory based investigation into geological samples. Whichever option is chosen here, there will also be an evaluative exercise devised by the examining board based on the practical work undertaken.

A2-level Geology

A2-level Geology also has three units of study, following the same format as that for the AS-level. The first formally studied unit concentrates on geology in the environment and is concerned with aspects such as water supply, earth resources and engineering in a geological context. Unit 2 at A2-level Geology returns to studying the themes of the evolution of life on Earth, through the study of fossils.

It also addresses in more detail how to use and prepare geological maps and the impact of climate on the Earth, both in terms of the history of the Earth and potential future affects. The final A2-level Geology unit is a practical one that can, again, be completed by either field studies or laboratory based investigations.

Studying for A-level Geology Online

Students of A-level Geology will be able to find plenty of learning materials online to support them in their studies. A-level Geology online research into fossil and rock specimens held in world-wide museums and institutions could be particularly valuable here. Studying other A-level sciences online will be helpful to students of Geology, as too could be studying A-level Geography online or Mathematics.

What Advantages Will A-level Geology Offer You?

A-level Geology students are often ones intending to study the subject, or a related discipline, at university. However, studying A-level Geology is a subject that can also be taken purely for the enjoyment and interest of learning more about how our planet was formed and functions. No specific qualifications are needed to begin an A-level Geology course. However, students should ideally have a good basic knowledge of sciences and scientific enquiry – such as would be gained from any relevant NQF level 2 qualifications.