AS-level French

AS-level French has two units, one primarily concerned with the ability to discuss issues in French and the other is to do with the ability to write about issues in French. Both of these tasks require the student to first hear/read statements made in French, to then comprehend them and make an appropriate spoken/written response.

In order to not disadvantage any individual or group of students you will be able to chose a subject area around which your French studies will concentrate. This choice will typically include things like; culture, travel, lifestyle or youth issues. The unit testing AS-level French listening and speaking skills will be assessed by recording verbal responses to questions put to students in French. The unit on reading and writing French is assessed as a formal written examination.

A2-level French

The two A2-level French units repeat the format already studied and examined at AS-level. The A2level French unit on reading and writing in French now requires the student to undertake personal research into a French text, such as a book or play, and to then write about what has been read.

Here the student will be encouraged to show how well they can translate between English and French and write creatively in French. The assessment for this unit may well include responding creatively in French to a piece of French text and to produce a research based essay in French – on a pre-determined topic.

Throughout A2-level French the students will continue to develop their French speaking and listening skills. They are then assessed according to their ability to talk about a chosen topic in French and to then engage in a discussion about it and other issues arising from it.

Studying for A-level French Online

By researching A-level French online you will be able to find audio clips of French being spoken by native French people, to help you with your French pronunciation. You will also be able to access French TV channels online, which could be very helpful research ahead of needing to write about or discuss contemporary French culture, lifestyle or youth issues.

What Advantages Will A-level French Offer You?

Studying A-level French will not only enhance your ability to discuss matters in French or read and write in French – but will potentially open up to you a greater understanding of French society and culture and, in today's global job market, some potentially important work opportunities. If you are looking for a career in linguistics/translation or further study in modern languages then A-level French is surely a subject to strongly consider taking.