AS-level Environmental Studies

AS-level Environmental Studies requires you to sit two examinations, each with questions based around separate units of study. The first unit of study concerns the living environment and begins by considering the Earth's biodiversity and some general global conservation issues. The second AS-level Environmental Studies unit covers climate, soil and vegetation aspects of the physical environment in which we live and our ability to manage the Earth's resources, comparing the sustainable and unsustainable resources we use. Both of these units will include investigating legal and political aspects of how the environment is managed and influenced.

A2-level Environmental Studies

A2-level Environmental Studies begins with a unit concerning our use of energy resources and the problems of pollution that arise from them. This will include studying the new/sustainable energy resources and comparing their environmental impact to those of resources such as fossil or nuclear fuels.

The final A2-level Environmental Studies unit looks at how the rise in human population numbers will impact on our global biological resources and our ability to sustain them. This will include looking at Genetically Modified (GM) foods and will also cover problems to do with our ability to ensure opportunities for less economically developed nations to access food, water and fuel resources – in the light of an ever increasing global population which is threatened by climate change. Both of the A2-level units are assessed by examination.

Studying for A-level Environmental Studies Online

A-level Environmental Studies can be studied online. You can find online A-level Environmental Studies course by using an online search engine of your choice. The company providing A-level Environmental Studies online will provide all of the teaching materials you require. However, to date the examinations you need to sit at the end of each unit are not available online as e-assessments. Subsequently you will have to attend a local A-level study centre in order to sit the examinations. As well as studying the A-level Environmental Studies course online you will, of course, be able to do other study and research online into the topics contained within this subject.

What Advantages Will A-level Environmental Studies Offer You?

Although there are no formal qualification requirements for studying A-level Environmental Studies online, it is recommended that you have a good basic education including a good general knowledge of the sciences. This is because, as part of your online A-level Environmental Studies, you will be encouraged to undertake independent fieldwork to research and gather data for use alongside the knowledge you learn online.

An understanding of basic scientific research methods will, therefore, be useful. Successfully completing A-level Environmental Studies online could be an entry route into a career in environmental protection or prepare you for further study in the environment/ecology, sciences, geography, law, politics etc.