AS-level Dance

AS-level Dance begins with a formal study unit in understanding dance. Here you will study the variety of demands made on a dancer, from issues relating to their physiology through to communicating the concepts behind a dance.

This unit also involves studying the work of professional dancers and the theory of choreography. At the end of this unit you will sit a formal examination set by the examining body. The second unit in AS-level Dance is essentially a practical unit, in which you will research and then choreograph a piece of solo work and a piece of dance for either two or three people.

Although the assessment of this unit is by performance of the dance pieces, you will be required to document your approach to the pieces and provide program notes, up to 150 words, explaining the dances.

A2-level Dance

At A2-level Dance you will again study one formal unit and one practical unit. The formal study unit is concerned with dance appreciation. Here you will concentrate on one area of dance – namely ballet, jazz or modern dance. By studying the content and context of your chosen dance style you will then be able to show your understanding and development of it.

Within this unit you will also be given a set piece of dance, again within your chosen preference, to study and analyse. This unit is again assessed by a formal examination. The final unit in A2-level Dance is another practical unit, similar to the one at AS-level, requiring you to choreograph and perform solo and group dances. However, for A2-level Dance the group performance must involve at least 3 dancers.

Studying for A-level Dance Online

Whilst studying for A-level Dance you will be able to research online much of the information you will need for the formally assessed units. You can also search online for dance video clips to help you develop thoughts towards the practical units and find out information concerning choreography such as Labanotation. You could also consider studying A-level Biology online, to compliment your A-level Dance.

What Advantages Will A-level Dance Offer You?

Whether you want to gain A-level Dance in order to study dance or the performing arts at a higher level – or if you want to study it for the pure joy of dance, you will find this course both stimulating, challenging and intrinsically rewarding. Apart from having the opportunity to develop your own dance skills you will also gain a better understanding of the international history, tradition and culture of dance. Having a disability is not a barrier to studying A-level Dance, as the awarding body is confident that adjustments can be made to ensure that all are able to attain an award in this subject.