AS-level Citizenship Studies

The two units for AS-level Citizenship Studies concern personal identity and the balance between your rights and responsibilities; and the concept of democracy from the perspective of the individual citizen. More specifically this means you will explore what it means today to be British, leading on to questioning whether or not we can all be equal and how discrimination can affect people; before finishing the first unit by considering what your rights are and how they could/should be protected.

The second AS-level Citizenship Studies unit investigates whether or not it is possible for the individual to actually make a difference to society; requiring you to study the economics and politics of power. This unit also requires you to record your personal experiences in an aspect of active citizenship. Both units are assessed by formal examination.

A2-level Citizenship Studies

A2-level Citizenship Studies begins with a unit looking at how power can affect justice – this unit starts by asking what exactly is crime and justice, leading on to how elected representatives speak on our behalf about crime and punishment and other issues of importance. This then leads to wider ranging discussions about parliamentary democracy and how we can make our individual voices heard on national and international issues.

The second A2-level Citizenship Studies unit uses contemporary case-study material to ask if we can make a difference when it comes to global issues. This requires you to study the concept of universal human rights and current global issues, before then forming an opinion as to whether or not the individual citizen can affect international affairs. Both units are again assessed by formal examination.

Studying for A-level Citizenship Studies Online

Studying A-level Citizenship Studies online will help you to keep abreast of current affairs, both nationally and internationally. For example, the recent growth in social networking has had a profound impact on the ability of both individual citizens, and quite disparate groups, around the world to come together to effect change in their societies. By studying this A-level online you will be able to gather such information and incorporate it into your studies, alongside the material supplied by the online distance learning college.

What Advantages Will A-level Citizenship Studies Offer You?

A-level Citizenship Studies will give you not only the knowledge but also the confidence to discuss your views and ideas on citizenship with a wider audience. It will also help you to learn how to analyse data and construct information from it – to help you formulate coherent views. A-level Citizenship Studies can compliment and help you in studying two other online A-levels - Philosophy and Health and Social Care.