What A-Level Business Studies Entails

A-level business studies is known as an inter-disciplinary subject where you combine elements of accountancy, management science, economics, social psychology and law. Generally to get onto the A-level business studies course you will need to have five GCSEs at grade C or above, however there is no need to have previously studied business studies at any level. It is due to this fact that the A-level business studies course is taught as though the students have no prior knowledge or experience in the subject.

The A-level business studies course favours those with good mathematic and English skills as the approach is very academic. Generally the approach is modular with six modules spread out over two years, however there are a number of institutions adopting the new approach of having four modules over two years. The modules include, but are not limited to, planning and financing a business, managing a business, strategies for success and the business environment and change.

The modules are normally structured on a term basis, with examinations taking place in January and June of each year. If you should fail to pass a module, there are opportunities to re-take the exam, with the exam papers being marked by an external examiner. There is also an element of coursework associated with A-level business studies that usually takes place during the first year.

AS-Level Business Studies

Opting for AS-level business studies will give you a clear introduction into the way business operates. It is the first year of a full A-level qualification, with three modules taking place and examinations in January and June, which can be re-taken if needs be. The AS-level business studies qualification accounts for 50% of the final A-level grade.

In the AS-level business studies year you will learn about the challenges and issues of starting a business, enterprising business ideas, financial planning, management of people, communication and motivation, operations management, marketing and competition as well as finance management, so you will walk away with a good level of business knowledge.

An AS-level business studies qualification is looked on favourably when applying for careers and universities as it shows you have a basic level of business understanding. The majority of other A-levels are complimentary to business studies, however students who are wanting to study economics should be wary, as you are committing yourself to a life of business, economics and finance-based careers and subjects. The course modules are also relatively similar.

Studying A-Level Business Studies Online

A-level business studies is one of the more popular options, with a large amount of applications every year. The course runs in a modular structure, often with only four modules spread out over two years. The work is presented to you via online methods, however your examination will take place in one of the examination centres across the UK.

There is a fee associated with studying a-level business studies online, and additional examination costs. A-level business studies online is a form of distance learning that allows you as the student to learn in your own time at your own pace. This is especially beneficial to those in employment, with families or with disabilities.

There are a huge range of resources made accessible to you online, which include past examination papers, revision aids, pop quizzes, online tutor guidance and support and an online student community where you can chat to those in a similar position.

Often people choose to study A-level business studies online when they want to start their own business, and it is a smart move as you begin to learn how to work in your own free time, which is reflected when you work for yourself. Most of the courses require you to have around 4 GCSEs at grade C or above before you can be accepted.

There are also opportunities for online studying for those students in sixth form, which include revision aids, tutor support, chat rooms, pop quizzes and past examination questions. Utilising these tools can increase your knowledge and ability to retain information, helping you achieving the highest grade you possibly can.

What Advantages Can A-Level Business Studies Offer You?

A-level business studies looks great to any employers as it shows you have a background information into how a business works, so you are automatically considered for higher positions. There are a number of career and university options your A-level in business studies will offer you.

Possible career choices with A-level business studies include management, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, retailing, manufacturing and local government. Many universities will accept business studies as a A-level when applying for courses such as economics, business studies and many other options.