AS-level Art and Design

In your first year of study you will complete two units of work, both of which will be externally moderated by the relevant examining body. Students of AS-level Art and Design will first be given the opportunity to prepare a portfolio of work demonstrating their ability to research, produce and evaluate work in their chosen area(s).

The second AS-level Art and Design unit requires the completion of an assignment set by the examining body. You will be given time to determine how you will respond to the task set and then, under supervision, will have up to 5 hours to produce a piece of work to satisfy the assignemnt. Your solution will ideally be a completed one, but one requiring further development may also be acceptable.

A2-level Art and Design

A2-level Art and Design also has two compulsory units, again both of which will be assessed by the centre in which you study and moderated by the examining body. The first unit allows you to underatke a personal investigation in an area of Art and Design of particular interest and/or challenge to you.

The main aim of this unit is to allow you to prepare a major work of interest to you – you will also have to prepare a report explaining your reasoning behind choosing that subject for your work and an evaluation of it. The final unit at A2-level Art and Design is again an assignment set by the examining board. You will again have time to prepare for it, but this time will have 15 hours under supervision to produce your response to the assignment brief.

Studying for A-level Art and Design Online

When studying for A-level Art and Design, being able to research information about both past and present artists and designers will help you considerably. For some students, for examples those choosing to incorporate photography into their A-level Art and Design portfolio, being able to research things like locations that could be used for photographic shoots on the internet will also be of great help. Students of A-level Art and Design might also profit from studying other complimentary A-level subjects online.

What Advantages Will A-level Art and Design Offer You?

By studying A-level Art and Design you will come to better understand the degree to which your work might be classed as one of art, starting from an intrinsic and original point of view - as opposed to a piece of design work, which although being a new piece of work will arise from a pre-existing concept developed by someone else.

However, and perhaps of more importance, it will give you the opportunity to develop your own ideas in art and design and show your ability to prepare Art and Design work that follows a given brief – an important skill in commercial art and design. Gaining the award of A-level Art and Design is an ideal preparation for studying the subject further at a higher level or for direct entry into a career in art and/or design.