AS-level Accounting

The first course of study towards an A-level in accounting is to gain the an AS-level award. This will typically be split into two units with assessment by formal examination, often at the end of each unit.

During this course of study you will be introduced to the basic concepts and principles of financial accounting and their importance in the management of businesses.

This will include; preparing accounts for various types of business, accounting terminology, budget and asset control/management and the use of ICT in modern accounting.

A2-level Accounting

Having successfully passed the AS-level component you can then move on to the second course of study towards the full A-level award, the A2-level in accounting. Here you will largely be studying the same topic areas as were in the AS-level, but you will be studying them in more depth and with more rigour.

For example, having learned how to prepare accounts for a business, you will go on to learn how to prepare the final accounts for the end of a tax year and for various business models, the standards to be applied in accounting, aspects of international accounting, budgeting and costs control … etc. The A2-level in accounting is, again, usually split into two units with formal assessment by examination available at the end of each unit.

Studying for A-level Accounting Online

A-level accounting is particularly suited to being studied online as there is no need to be able to access specialist equipment or to attend field studies. So, providing you have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection there should be no obstacle to you successfully studying A-level Accounting online.

When searching for an online A-level course in accounting, as well as looking for one that presents you with all the necessary learning materials make sure that they also have online tutors available to support you in your studies, should you need them. Although your online A-level Accounting course will include regular assignments and assessments to monitor your progress in and understanding of accounting – you will have to attend a centre registered to administer A-level examinations for the formal unit assessments.

What Advantages Will A-level Accounting Offer You?

As previously mentioned an A-level qualification in accounting could be important to you when working in many aspects of various businesses, let alone if you choose to work in a financial/accounting department or company.

As well as providing a firm foundation in accounting, an A-level in accounting will provide you with a range of transferable skills such as; problem solving, resources management, people management and leadership. Although not a prerequisite, an A-level in accounting will also be an ideal foundation for those wishing to study accounting, economics or any other finance related courses at university.