AS-level Health and Social Care

At AS-level Health and Social Care you must complete at least three units. The first unit, assessed by examination, introduces you to what is required to promote effective and quality caring. As communicating with other people is such an important skill for any one working in health and social care, the second unit requires you to research a to topic regarding care issues and then prepare and deliver a presentation and speech to explain your findings.

The third compulsory unit requires you to prepare a portfolio of evidence regarding health and disease issues and promoting good health. Should you wish to gain the AS-level Health and Social Care double award you will then study another three optional units from a selection of six. These optional units allow you to specialize to some degree in your health and social care studies.

A2-level Health and Social Care

For A2-level Health and Social Care you must study at least three units to gain the single A-level award. Even for the single award, you will be given an element of choice in the units you chose to study. The first unit will be compulsory, it will focus on the practical realities of providing health and social care; assessed according to a portfolio of evidence. Again, reflecting the importance of working with people and, therefore, often another frequently compulsory unit; the second unit will have you studying human development and behaviour.

This unit is usually assessed by examination. You will then be able to choose the the third unit of study, from up to nine optional units. This allows you to follow your personal health and social care interests. To gain the full double award A-level Health and Social Care you will have to study a further six optional units. The optional units are variously assessed by examination or portfolios of evidence.

Studying for A-level Health and Social Care Online

Studying for A-level Health and Social Care online is an ideal way to gain this prestigious health and social care qualification and you can find several companies offering a-level Health and Social Care online. Needless to say being able to research online health and social care issues will also be of tremendous benefit to you in your studies. To sit any end of the written examinations you will have to attend a local study centre approved by the examining board.

What Advantages Will A-level Health and Social Care Offer You?

A-level Health and Social Care is a highly recommended qualification to gain for those who want to go on to study the subject further or have aspirations to a career in health or social care. The course is structured to ensure that learning is both delivered and applied in a work-related manner and can involve aspects of work experience, something that would be especially useful when compiling case studies for portfolios.