AS-level A-level Drama and Theatre Studies

In a typical A-level Drama and Theatre Studies course you will study two units at AS-level, one of which will be examined formally and one of which will be practical in nature, to be assessed by your study centre. The formally assessed unit will concern your ability to write about a live drama performance you have seen. This will invariably be based on a performance of a set text/play as prescribed by the examining board.

The practical AS-level Drama and Theatre Studies unit will require you to research and then present an extract from a play, possibly of your own choice, in which you will be given the opportunity to show how well you can analyse, interpret and then portray the ideas and emotions that the author intended. Whilst this is essentially a performance piece, it also has plenty of scope for those more interested in non-performance aspects of drama.

A2-level A-level Drama and Theatre Studies

The same assessment methods are used for A2-level Drama and Theatre Studies. You will have to study in detail between one and three set plays from a broad selection and then be able to answer questions about them testing your knowledge of how they can be presented on stage. Again this will cover all aspects of performance from stage craft and lighting to costumes and make-up etc.

The practical unit for A2-level Drama and Theatre Studies gives you the opportunity to create your own piece of theatre/drama, which is then performed before an invited audience and assessed. In this performance you have the opportunity to exhibit both your chosen expertise in the field of drama studies and all else that you have learned during the A-level course.

Studying for A-level A-level Drama and Theatre Studies Online

Studying A-level Drama and Theatre Studies can be an ideal A-level to combine with studying A-level English online. Being able to study and research aspects of A-level Drama and Theatre Studies online will be of tremendous advantage to you. For example, you will be able to find video clips of dramatic performances online that might otherwise be inaccessible to you, these could be from classic Shakespearean performances, Greek classic theatre which is rarely performed or even contemporary plays.

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If drama and the theatre are your passion then studying A-level Drama and Theatre Studies is definitely an A-level subject you should consider. Whether you intend to study drama further, hope to enter the theatre in an amateur or professional capacity or simply want to improve your knowledge and understanding of the theatre – A-level Drama and Theatre Studies is to be recommended to you.