AS-level Design and Technology

Each of the different options you may study for A-level Design and Technology has slightly different approach to the AS-level units on offer. However, for one of the units you will spend your time considering case studies in your chosen option in order to better understand the materials you will work with and the commercial, industrial and business practices in which they are used. This will be assessed by a formal examination. The other unit at AS-level Design and Technology will be assessed internally by your centre and will require you to design and, if relevant, manufacture something using your chosen material(s).

A2-level Design and Technology

A2-level Design and Technology follows the same assessment model as the AS-level. Namely, one unit assessed by examination and one unit assessed internally by your centre. In A2-level D&T the formally examined unit will again develop your understanding of the material(s) and their application(s) in terms of their intrinsic properties and their extrinsic values, especially when made into artefacts. The final unit for A2-level Design and Technology is usually delivered by allowing students to prepare a portfolio that demonstrates not just their knowledge but also their ability to innovate and be creative when working with their chosen material(s)

Studying for A-level Design and Technology Online

Being able to research and study online for A-level Design and Technology will be of significant benefit to students of this subject. Whether, for example, that is in order to research the properties of material(s) or study their use in an existing industrial/manufacturing process. There can be few, if any, aspects that do not involve a good knowledge and competence with numbers. So, students should also consider studying A-level Mathematics online too.

What Advantages Will A-level Design and Technology Offer You?

By studying A-level Design and Technology you will not only learn about the properties of materials and be allowed to develop your capabilities when working with them – but you will also learn about and develop the entrepreneurial and business skills that are so necessary to turn a good idea/prototype into a market leader. An A-level D&T course will be particularly ideal for those hoping to study further, or enter a career in; food/catering, textiles, design, manufacture, construction or engineering.