AS-level Communication and Culture

Understanding communication and culture is the first unit studied in AS-level Communication and Culture. This unit begins by examining the nature of culture and goes on to look at cultural codes and the tools used to unlock/explain them. These studies are undertaken to enable you to understand more fully the importance of communications and how critical debate informs culture.

This first unit is assessed by formal examination. The individual and contemporary culture is the second AS-level Communication and Culture unit. Here you have to produce a portfolio of two readings and one presentation, around the themes of communication, culture and the individual and - cultural contexts and practices. The portfolio is marked by your study centre and moderated by the examining body.

A2-level Communication and Culture

A2-level Communication and Culture begins with a formally examined unit, enabling you to demonstrate how well you understand the production and consumption of 'culture' in contemporary society. In this unit there are certain critical theories that must be studied, which include things like: postmodernism, poststructuralism, feminism … etc. The final A2-level Communication and Culture unit is again assessed according to a portfolio you produce, this time it is on – communication and culture in practice.

This portfolio will detail two things. Firstly, the development of your personal social identity and how it can be communicated and secondly – analysing and understanding modern cultural practices. This second part of the portfolio is usually accomplished by studying a single cultural phenomena such as cinema going. The portfolio is assessed in the same way as the AS-level one.

Studying for A-level Communication and Culture Online

Access to the internet is definitely recommended for studying A-level Communication and Culture as the two portfolio units can both be presented as web-folios. You will also be able to do much background online research into contemporary culture and communication methods and phenomena during your A-level Communication and Culture studies. Studying other A-levels online will also compliment your A-level in Communication and Culture, subjects such as Philosophy, Government and Politics, Citizenship and Sociology being particularly relevant here.

What Advantages Will A-level Communication and Culture Offer You?

A-level Communication and Culture gives the student plenty of opportunity to follow an autonomous study path, in the context of teacher-led but independent learning. It is an excellent course for those wishing to study contemporary society and/or cultural phenomena at a higher level. It will also develop many transferable skills, that are both work related and personal development ones. Beyond communication and culture this A-level is concerned with notions as diverse as power and ideology through to values and identity.